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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


'This should be my lucky day,' she utters. 'I’d have died of loneliness if you weren't around.'

'Hmm!' Micasa replies. 'I'm the one who is always on the brink of dying from loneliness. I'm alone most of the time whilst watching you pecking the fruit and vegetable driver on the neck.'


Alfred and I are old friends.’

'I know him. With those lights beaming brightly atop the Christmas tree and the blazing fireplace, it feels like seventh heaven.'

'My parents aren't home and i bet you know what this means.'


'Silly. Can I pour you a drink?'

'At what time will your parents be returning?'

'A question on top of a question, huh?'

'Your father would kill me if he finds us together here. This place is his sanctity.'

'Worry not my friend. It's Christmas. Remember in the good old days when I was six and you were nine. remember how you used to tower over me when we rode a free bus?'

'It's crazy that you still remember yesterday's stuff like it's happening today.but hey, those were the golden years.'

'My parents won’t be coming any time soon. They've gone to visit relatives in Bloem and would only be back on monday.'

'What a relief. This means I'm going to have you all to myself for the weekend.'

'Thanks but no thanks. I'm sick.'

'Uh, come on!'

'Don't abuse me. I never thought you'd take this opportunity to ask sexual favours from me. I thought we'd cuddle, read bed time stories and close the door behind you.'

'I don't understand.'

'I wanted us to feast, visit my friend, Willeminah.'

'Is she your friend?'

'Yes. She told me you want her. Is it true?'

'Yes. I did pursue her.I’ve heared she was all the guys target and forgot about her. Now I got my sights on you.'

'what made you delay your decision?'

'on she or you?'

on me, stupid!'

'there's this soft side of you which make me wonder if you'd be able to make a good man happy one day.'

'you're crazy, you know?'

'no objection if words come from your mouth, Bar.I've always been like this. Jake thinks I'm mischievous, is that true?'

'Your friend is right. You shouldn't concern yourself with what he or other people say. I love you just the way you are.'


'True.i've asked my mother's opinion on you and she is really impressed. The only part you lack in is proper communication.besides you're a very good chap which any girl would like to take home and show her parents.'

'Pour the wine. You're already taken.'

Barlie did as asked glooming and glistening like a bright globe mounted to the ceiling.

‘words on your calf in chinese?’ asks Alfred.

‘Yep!’ replies Barlie. ‘And I bet you know what this means.’


‘It means I love you.’

‘Get out of here!.’


Since when?’

‘All this time.’

You’ve been attracted to me all this time and……’

She puts her index finger on his lips.

He puts his glass on the table and stares at her.

‘Come on big boy!’ she rants.

He cleares his throats.

‘This is indeed my lucky day,’ he replies.

Pulls him to her by his shirt and kiss him.

The electrifying atmosphere lasts only a minute.

She pushes him away and say; ‘I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.’

‘We’re adults not kids,’ he replies.

She gives him a nasty look.

‘What’s that all about?’

‘It’s Christmas and you hardly show the spirit. ‘I’m starting to think inviting you was a sad mistake.’

‘I’m starting to get horny. Why are we wasting time?’

She shrugs and reply; ‘I used to think virgins would act quickly when it comes to a lovemaking chance but,
I was wrong.’

‘I’m not wasting any chance. Besides, I’m no virgin like the whole block seems to believe. I’ve made love

“With who?’

‘I can’t tell. If I do, our lovemaking would become tedious.’

“Who said I don’t keep secrets?’

‘No one. The problem with secrets is; once you tell the next person it’s publicity.’

‘Come on.’

‘With wet dream.’

‘I knew you’d say something stupid. My parents could surprise us, you know. What the hell are you waiting for, pick me up to my bed and do me like it’s our last day on earth.’

‘I think it should be the other way round. I don’t have the strenght to carry a twelve point five
maize meal bag. Where would I get the strength to carry you from?’

‘Well, because you’re arrogant, you’ve just kissed your chance goodbye.’

“I don’t think so. Why don’t you call Bullard first?’

‘And say what? Let me see; daddy I’m about to teach a jerk who’ve never made love before!’

“Okey dokey. Let’s go.’