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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joanne looked sir Jeffrey Wilson of Sir Wilson Incorporated in the face and smiled. He pulled his face sideways.

She asked herself how he got the title sir in the first place. How could a publisher of adult books got called sir. It was the question for the next day. He was no actor for crying out loud. Just a publisher of adult entertainment.

‘stolen cookies taste sweeter or aren’t they sir Wilson?’ she asked him.

He replied; ‘that’s if they’re owned by another men. Is it possible that we could do it again?’

‘Of course dear. With me I said before, anything is possible. Do you suspect that I’m hiding a lover in the closet?’

‘no, I think not. He would have died of jealousy the first thing we entered that bedroom.’

She naughtily pulled him by the hand to the bedroom one more time.

They made love he whole night long. All that was possible wit her girlfriend entertaining her personal assistant at the office. He spent the whole week on her arms but lost no business deal. It just shows that being successful is a wonderful thing because lovemaking never gets neglected.


She threw her panty on the floor. The passion was too strong. She felt like he was slow. He grabbed her waist, turned her body like a steering wheeling to the direction that, he wanted to drive her on. He operated her gently, never accelerated than most speed racers would. He rubbed his penis over her vagina before he entered her.

They fatiguely lay next to each other.

Jeffrey smiled while removing hair-strands off her face.

Joanne looked hard at him and quipped:’ that never happened to me before. ‘Congratulations sir Jeffrey Wilson. You just made a beautiful woman’re mine forever. I’ve been physically and mentally been waiting for you for years.’

He shook his head disbelievingly.

She got out of bed crying. She was happy and well. Jeffrey’s silence must have hit a raw-nerve.

He lay in bed like a log, showing no emotion.

She screamed and her voice startled him.

He ran towards her, put his arms around her body and asked her combing her hair with his fingers in the process; ’what’s wrong, sweetheart?’

‘I’ve just saw a person walk past my lounge door,’ she replied. ‘good grief! We never closed the door on our way in. the whole episode is funny now that you’re holding me in your arms. Picture passersby hearing our moans and our groans.. ooh,aah… me sir Jeffrey Wilson.’

‘that is exciting when they don’t disturb our session.. you’re beautiful and a marvel in bed. The passerby must’ve been a hobo looking for food and rubbish to sell at recycling centres around town. Don’t be scared. To tell you the truth, I thought you’ve seen a spider.’


Oh that feels good


After straightening her face, she replied him; ‘I’m not, darling. With I, you could say whatever you would like to say and ask whatever. I take no offence on people that I love.’

‘What are you wearing underneath?’ he asked her with a straight face.

‘ha, ha, ha!’ she cackled. ‘That’s funny. ‘Ha, ha,ha!’

he looked around embarrassed to look if no one responded to his misdemeanor with laughter.

‘no one is listening to us,’ she continued. ‘you must have had it tough while growing up. You’re not that foolish. You’re exciting. Very few men have the guts to ask such questions. I’m wearing a g-string. Where you looking at my bottom to observe panty lines?’

‘god damn!’ he exclaimed. ‘you got style. With you, we could do it anywhere. I’m horny. Already.’

‘Really?’ she replied. ‘I’m not wearing anything. We could bribe mall securities and do it in the toilets.’

‘let’s go.’

‘I’ve got an apartment, sweetheart. Have you ever fell in love?’

‘this is embarrassing but to be frank, no. I think that you could teach me. I’m horny and it’s something not to joke about.’

‘let’s go home and I’ll gladly teach you how to make love.’

They arrived at home.

‘please,’ she asked him. ‘stay with me tonight. You would never regret it. I’m tired of dildos.’

He got inside carrying him with his strong arms to her bed. He never knew where her bedroom was, find it, he did. It was good karma.


Oh that feels good

They walked hand in hand in the mall. Cool breeze blew his friend’s hair-strands. She kept removing it off her face using her fingers.

‘I’m hungry,’ Jeffrey told Joanne. ‘which restaurant is your favourite?’

‘There are plenty of eateries in this mall,’ replied Joanne. ‘let’s go to Freddy’s coffee bar. We could eat lunch while we seat cosy and listening to nice music.’

Jeffrey said no word. He smiled and nodded in agreement. He gently moved his hand on her shoulders—massaging her in the process.

‘Oh,’ she responded to Jeffrey’s verbal care. ‘That feels good. ‘I’ve never been massaged in a very long time. Your arms are strong, mild and gentle. Right there, there……..ooh, this feels like heaven. Thanks goodness the place is not full as usual.’

‘keep your money,’he said. ‘I’ll pay for the meals.’

She glowed.

‘I’ve heared that you’ve been alone for years,’ he continued as they sat down together on chairs facing each other.

‘yes,’ she replied. ‘you could say that I’ve been unlucky in love. I hope that your coming into my life would change all of that.’

‘no wonder my arms feels good touching you. I had overgrown our relationship. We were always fighting. Actually, she fought me now and then over nothing at all. I guess those were the earlier signs that our love would never last.’

She cried.

‘are you bisexual?’ he continued.

She burst into laughter.