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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Here we go again, Sunday Press editor, Miss Alice McNott thoughtfully says.

Irritated by an article she has just received through an e-mail, she angrily punches numbers on her office phone.

'Just what I was hoping for,' Bower says by the other end of the line. How may I help you Miss McNott?'

'Call me Alice,' she replies. Everybody has gone home to their respective families, relatives and friend. There you're in a suburb alone. What's it that you would like me to do with this article?'

'I would like you to publish that earnestly.'



'How could you bring your stature as a good reporter down to this effect?'

'I don't understand ma'am. Kindly elaborate.'

'Your article is in very bad taste. Don't you know that those people are going to work for us in due course?'

'I know but the truth shall set each and everyone of us at Sunday Press free. You always taught us the truth.'

'Not controversy!'

'I sent that copy for you to publish in next Sunday's edition. Maybe City Times could benefit from it too.'

'I've asked my assistants not to touch it. I didn't hand any of you a task or project since we're on holidays. You're single and could do with some girl. We've made peace with actors for this year at least. Only those
who disrespects will get to feel my wrath. It's not wise to further destroy a person who is trying his best to change his life. That, I mean Tanya, got kicked out of two soapies in one season. Think about what tailing her may do to her career.'

'I know but, a little bit of exposure wont do any of them harm. It would however, raise their soapies' rates.'

'I hear your line of argument but, don't you think that's a bit unprofessional?'

'Unprofessional, me unprofessional?'

'I'm talking to you. Do you know what does unprofessional mean?'

'Yes. The opposite of professional.'

'Don't answer me like you would a girl from the bundus. I'm your boss dammit!'

'Unprofessional is doing things out of anger instead of logical reasoning.'


'Is that a signal or the end of my research efforts?'

'Are you short of festive conquests?'


'We're all popping champagnes all over the place. There you're by yourself thinking about ways to make a quick buck. You've made no research. You were present during that meeting with the actors. Why then should you turn around and try that you'd get the go ahead to tarnish their good names?'

'I can feel your anger within these wires. I'm getting sunburnt in this corner that I'm sitting in. The truth is, I don't trust city girls for now. I'm alone at this uptown eatery. My work has been done through wi-fi. I paid a fortune to them to get the article off the ground. I know that you'll give me more projects to do. To answer your earlier question; I'm indeed in need of some cash injection.'

'Enjoy your holidays. If something comes up besides actors misbehaving, call me.'

'I will ma'am.'

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