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Wednesday, April 23, 2014



'It's Alice here,' Alice McNott says. The infamous Miss Alice McNott.'

'A chill runs down my spine as I hear the sound of your voice,' replies Carlos.

'I've got some bad news for you, sir.'

'Leave sir to the nerds andcall me Carlos.'

'At your service.'

'So you say you got bad news for me.'

'Yes, but, not so bad for a woman in control of the situation like me.'

'Please get to the bottom of that.'



'Are you listening?'


'You sound somewhat uninterested in what I'm about to tell you. Is there something that you're trying to hide from me?'

'No, Alice.'

'Good. Now listen to what I'm about to tell you.'

'I'm listening.'

'There's this journo who works under me. He just sent an article slaying a dozen of inner city actors and didn't spare you his whip. Just by going through it, tears trickled down my face, messing my make up. There's a shot of you outside Tanya's home stone drunk.Then of Charmaine kissing Desiree's ex. What's his name again?'


'Yes, Mark. And you and Desiree have got something going on right now, hey?'


'Right. Bill's with Tanya for now, hey?'


'That makes Mark a thief or Tanya a nymphomaniac in some way or another. Maybe that's according to my analogy. I may be wrong. I'm sorry if that hurts but, I had to let you know about the love angles including you, which may be detrimental to your career at large. At large; means not only your but, your friends included.'

Desiree hands him a glass of bubbly.

'Thank you!'

'Dont' cut me off, Carlos. This isn't the end of the story just yet.'

'Not yet, Alice. I was receiving a glass of bubbly from my beloved, soon to be wedded, angel of mine, Desiree. She deserves a crown because she sticks with me through thick and thin.'

'The thought of firing Bower had crossed my mind until I gave his way of doing things a thought. He has never disappointed me for some time. He is only human and will surely get over the thinking of pursuing people I haven't asked him to. He having had wasted his own resources I believe, is punishment enough.'

'We know him that way.'

'His crap creeped in an hour after our end of the year office party. I'm way too tired for his **s. I read the article in patches but, it surely reads like a movie script to those not in the know. Had I not been here, maybe one of my cleaners could've had a fun day of her life reading it.'

'You're an editor Alice. You decide what's wright or wrong for your press. If  I'm to be a front page canditate so be it. For now all I need to hear are seductive whispers of my sidekick.And not forgetting the sweet taste of her lips.She too seems worn out by too much limelight that she somewhat feel safe under my wing.'

'Don't worry yourself to death. Remember; you're now part of us. Those haters who are used to seeing you front page for all the wrong reason will see more of you for all wright reasons. Be sure that this year will be the best ever for you.'

'Before you go, kindly send me a copy of Bower's mad article.

He bursts into a fete of laughter.

Desiree laughs too.

So does Alice.

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