Monday, December 9, 2013

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Sigh-i-lent night, sings Desiree. Ho-oly night, mother and child. Sleep in heavenly pea eace, sleep in heavenly peace.

'Well, Carlos says. You're a singer of devine distinction. Consider me your Father Christmas but, remember one thing; kids seat on his lap. You'll always be my baby. I hope you don't mind me calling you baby.'

'Not at all,' she replies.

She goes to him, puts her arms around his neck and; sits down on his lap.Gives him a kiss of his life.

He pulls his mouth from hers,swallows a bit of her saliva and say; 'That was helluva kiss.'

She gets off his lap and replies: 'I'm as out of breath as you. It's just that your sweet cherry lips are too sweet to let go off. I love nibling things resembling a taste of chocolate. I love it when a man is especially mouth clean. No one wants to swallow yesterday's food out of someone's mouth.'

'That was Guiness World Book type of a record.'

'We just been to the mall. I had thought we'd bump into someone we know but, that hasn't been the case.'

'I love ordinary people. I think being a C grade star gives me more peace than the most sort after performers because I've more time to fool around with you.'

'Don't fool yourself loverboy. You'll soon feel the pressure of being an A lister star.'

'Why when they are so much reverred get scolded over minitial things like eating a meal at a cafe?'

'It's because people look up to them. We can't have people we view as role models cut their hair or fine tune it at an unknown, cheap barber. That's a new low. If you're with us, you must act the part. We don't want palookas.'

'I only do four shoots a day. That's boring. What am I supposed to do with the rest of my time?'

'Study. Go to the library and do some research. You can't be an airheaded tv star. You must also pay attention to theatre because when you're out of tv, you must still do something to keep our home fires burning. We don't want a situation where either or both of us are out of work but, get more bill letters than ordinary Joes who are till waiting for High Court case to declare someone liable for their poverty state.'

'I don't think I'd be able to be natural. In theatre people are watching you closely. There's no script editing or shooting. How would I be able to keep up?'

'Everything in this world today is live. The tweets you post online reflect more about you to others than you think. Every week if not day, we sell our souls online. I know what I say isn't good for marketing. I better say these things to you than to a journalist. Anyway, those people are only doing their jobs. without they writing good about us, we'll be doomed.'

'But they still unsettle me.'

'All you have to do is to behave yourself.'

'I've given you free lessons on how to be a star, now listen to me clearly. I would like us to invite every of our friends or enemies to come eat new year lunch with us. That include your sworn, worst enemy, Mark.'

'Are you nuts?'

'I wish we were. It wouldn't hurt spending time in a loony house watching looney tunes with people you love.'

'Suit yourself.'

He stands up from their Christmas eve dinner table and walks away to the balcony.

The festive spirit has gotten inside of him, she thoughtfully says as she picks a sparkling glass of pure wine.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


'So you think you truly living the life?' Charmaine asks Mark.

           'I always do,'he replies. 'Sometimes people envy us from the distance. And murmur about tangible things. The environment makes me who I be.'

'Go on.'

          'I was a choirboy since I was a teenager. Girls moms and their pops put a lot of strain on me. My relationships never lasted longer enough. The very same people started branding me a player. Forgetting they're the ones who made me. I hate this pin up tag they've placed upon me.'

           'So you rather fake poverty than let them dictate to you how to live your life?'

            'I fake not anything. Not many a woman these days gets an opportunity to chat with me. You're lucky because you're in a circle of winners. When we shine we say; there are no squares in a circle of winners.'

'I just managed to create one in celebrity circles. Here I'm talking to a very much underrated tv star.'

          'In this community of us, no one does business with strangers. One false move, you're out. Don't even take reviews seriously. Individuals who does them just want to be us that's all. There's is no money in their line of work. They say Mark is a bad actor and the wet behind the ears hop at the back of their bandwagons.'


'Skin colour doesn't matter. We don't skim people ala credit cards. We just follow our hearts's desires.'

'True.What's your idea of heaven?'

'Come on. Is this a date?'

'Answer my question.'

'My idea of heaven is any man who isn't afraid to cross boundaries.'

           'I love a man who respects boundaries. My husband left me a couple of months back. He was jealous I ceased becoming a housewife but, a celebrity driver. He started to call me names and checked my phone calls. Mens contacts send a shiver down his spine. Bill and Tanya don't want to answer stupid questions so they're constantly chasing armatures out of their yard.'

'What do you say when all of that is happening?'

'I keep quiet.'

'Why are you still in the power circle?'

 'They say when you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I'm tired of wearing an apron but, this is the life I chose.'

'Who are you dating?'

'I'm just too cocky to let anyone inside my heart now.'