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Monday, September 8, 2014

all lovey dovey

'Can I have a sweet taste of your mouth?' she says.

No reply comes forth. She is getting frustrated.

'Can I have that sweet taste of your mouth?' she repeats.

'Eish!' he exclaims frustratingly.

He looks around and realises that he is not the only person in that convenience shop, let alone the only man.
He points his head towards the calling female body.

She does not know what to do next. She does not know if his pointing of head her direction is a yes or a no.

She plucks courage and asks him: 'Are you scared?'

He smiles and reply: 'My lips are cracked and dry. You wont stand them. Unless....'

'Unless what?' she thrusts into his mid-sentence.

He cackles.

'I'd like to be with you for the rest of my life,' she continues. I've never come accross a man like you in my life.'

'I've heared all that before and, women have left me broken both spiritually and financially,' he replies. I hope you know what love is all about and, what you want to get yourself into.'

'I'd like to carry your child. Don't tell me you're so hurt that,
 you've become afraid to share a bed with a woman.'

'You're so adulterous in speech. Only a sick man could avoid answering your questions. I've never heared such truth in my life. I feel like running.'

'Run, coward. Be like most men who run away from their manly responsibilities.'

'I'm not many men. I just am not used to talking openly like this.'

'I've told you before and I'm going to tell you again; I've never met a man who could make me whole like you. Do you have a girlfriend?'

'What's the reason behind that question?'

'A love proposition.'

'Love proposition?'


'Methinks you're trying to say that I'm gay.'

'Picture this; If you and I become one,we'd be one step ahead than couples with neglected babies.'

'Here are my phone numbers call me after three, tomorrow. By then, I'd have given your love proposal some thought.'

'Thanks, Seth.'

'Don't thank me, I'm the one who should be thanking you because, besides I being surprised by how things panned out for me at this shop today, at least I've found love.'

He leaves the shop still looking at her. Nearly hits a revolving door still looking at her.

She is looking back at him too.

Not 'til a finger nudges him on the shoulder and a deep voice says to her;
'You, come to my office, now!'

'Okay,' she replies taking off rubber gloves from her fingers.

After she enters her managers office, he tells her to sit down on a chair opposite his desk.

'Lee, do you really knows company policy?' he asks her.

'Of course I do, Jones,' she replies. For over a decade I've never seen any of it being adhered to by either,
Patience, you, I or any of our petrol attendants. At times I've caught you laughing while some of my male colleagues touched my rear, now what company policy are you talking about?'

'I'm sorry. I should've said privacy instead of policy. Customers shouldn't get the idea that they could talk about either of us about sex, you know?'

'I know. What I told that man, comes straight from my heart.'

'What about our own fears as your colleague that getting too cosy with customers may cause jilted lovers to come rob our store?'

'I haven't given a thought much to all of that but,
 where then could any of us find love?'

'In the streets after work.'

'I love that man. For him I've broken company policy but, I believe that you've your work cut out,
 if you don't get deep into our workplace's harassment policy. I've also come accross you touching some of our seniors inappropriately. I admit I'm wrong. So should you.'

'You know what,'


'You're fired. After this day, you should never ever set you foot in here ever again.
 And don't expect this company to pay you any cent. Do you here me?'

She angrily walks out of his office. Takes out a cigarette and a lighter from one of her pockets and
 lights it in full view of startled customers.

Her colleague is as surprised as her colleagues.

Seth's phone rings incessantly. He is in a taxi back home.

It must be her, he thoughtfully says.

He pulls it from its pouch and says; 'Hello?'

'Im sorry to inconvenience you at this time,' she replies. I know the time and day I'm supposed to call you. Something painful has happened, I've been fired for showering you with my love and my affection. Please come over here now if you could because that maybe, may well save me my job.'

'Hold on, because I'll be that in no time.'

'Thanks, my love.'

Jones mops the floor himself.

'What's going on?' Patience asks him.

'I've fired that stubborn colleague of us. I warn her to stop making friends with customers she tells me about how what she told the male customer comes from deep within her heart. She refuse to retract her statement and talks about things we do when we're happy. Touching our colleagues. Are you afraid of touching too?'

'No. it depends what type of touching it is. Rehire her before she lets out all our secrets. I'm afraid we'd walk naked on the streets.'

'What do you mean?'

'Without any dignity, whatsoever. If you go on and punish her, you'll also going to lose your job. The case she may open, may find itself all over the news because such things as workplace physical harassment cases are very few if not very far in between.'

He wipes sweat off his forehead and dips the mop harshly into a bucket and angrily walks back into his office.

Seth duly arrives. Gets off the taxi and looks like a man who is ready to fight for his country. Like all soldiers should, you know.

'Where's he?' he barks at her.

'At his office upstairs,' she replies.


He grabs her hand.

'Do you know where it is?' she asks him.

'No,' he replies. Where's it?'

' Come, I'll show you.'

She says all that him still holding her hand tight.

In less than ten minutes later, they emerge all lovey-dovey. Even kissing again before a stunned Patience, and a smiling Jones.

Just like he was told; he likes smiling when bad things happen. But is openly declaring love for someone a crime?

Friday, May 2, 2014

colours of the rainbow

'Who was it?' Desiree asks Carlos moving her palm on his chest.

'Alice,' he replies.

'What did she say?'

'She said Bower wants to mess up our already tithering lives. He sent an article and supporting photos of Charmaine pecking Mark, of her then giving Bill an open-mouth kiss. In the evening just after he had done scene-shootings for a day, at a parking lot.'

'What else did she tell you?'

'She advised me to stop calling her Miss Mcnott but, Alice.'

'That's out of the question. That's not a point I'm looking for. Calling her whatever name she thinks is appropriate doesn't stop her from reconsidering the article in question and publish it whenever she has run out of more scandalous stories to publish about we public figures. I've got a good mind of hitting the road to her office right now.'

'That would be unwise. I think you're a little bit harsh. You're yet to hear the rest of what I've to say. Now listen; from what she told me, there'll be no need for us to fear anything.'

'We've just become an item. Anything negative may wholly bring us to our knees. We've a baby on the way, a house and cars to pay off. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into by believing her every word.'

'Bower is nothing. Remember the meeting we just had at Sunday Press's office?'


'We've teamed up with them. I believe it wasn't just about eating with them. The projects they're planning to use us on are real organisation names. You could go online if you're doubtful.'

'I've done so the very day that I've left their office. It's just that those people change colours. A rainbow is better because a couple of seconds or minutes after the rain it appears, disappears only to appear at some area after rainfall, then disappear again.'

'We're the colours of the rainbow. You needn't fear them gray scales.'

'You call them that?'

'Yes. They tend to make us darker in deeds as if they themselves don't have anything to hide. Let's trust Alice on this one.'

Yes, let's try.'


learn from us

'Does running away from the infatuated not tire you?' Tanya asks Mark.

'I'm new to this field,' he replies. Therefore any fan coming my way doesn't scare me. The other thing is; they're human just like me.'

'Of course, we're.'

'Even when I feel tired, I still try to make some time to talk to them. After all, we're who we're because of them.'

'You're on point today, hey?'

'Maybe I've talking rubbish during the holidays but, they were well-spent. With you around nothing can depress me. You're a soothing kind of a fellow who deserves praise every day of her life. Getting paid by cheques, though different from being paid through commission, annoys me.'

'What else annoys you?'


'That should be fun. You're boring when it comes to that. You must improve. Do you know Bower?'

'Talk about the devil!'

'Do you hate him?'

'Yes. People of his kind deserves to be hated at any given chance. How many lives has he destroyed? How many more he is still keen to destroy?'

'I'm not sure about the statistics but, many many more. So long as he doesn't find himself another job which he'll be in the public eye but, with less beings to rubbish in order for him to get paid.I love travelling and I'm puzzled that you let a former travel writer determine your likes and dislikes. I don't know you as an indoor person. People who tour are full of verve. They meet a lot of interesting people and learn how to live life better from them.'

'I get recognised everywhere. Maybe it has to do with my part time sales job. On set, I hate it when I have to re-do a scene. Don't these producers know that we've a life apart from the impersonations that we get paid for?'

'They know. It's just that we do things non verbally much better than a person on the street would.'

'Then do we really have to endure periods of frustrations? Not knowing where we'd get our next meal from because there isn't enough money in their coffers to fund their next project?'

'It's your problem that you're love serials. I go to soapy auditions only. They're now used to me. I could be number one hundred on the queue, they'll call my name.Getting hot under the caller will only make you poor, Mark. Learn from us.'

'I don't want to sound sexist but, the truth is; city life is more kind to women than it is to us men.'

'You sound like Bill. Before he pops up from nowhere like he's Jack in the Box, leave.'

'The next episode will be our last. Where would I get money to pay the rent from?'

Tanya shrugs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



'It's Alice here,' Alice McNott says. The infamous Miss Alice McNott.'

'A chill runs down my spine as I hear the sound of your voice,' replies Carlos.

'I've got some bad news for you, sir.'

'Leave sir to the nerds andcall me Carlos.'

'At your service.'

'So you say you got bad news for me.'

'Yes, but, not so bad for a woman in control of the situation like me.'

'Please get to the bottom of that.'



'Are you listening?'


'You sound somewhat uninterested in what I'm about to tell you. Is there something that you're trying to hide from me?'

'No, Alice.'

'Good. Now listen to what I'm about to tell you.'

'I'm listening.'

'There's this journo who works under me. He just sent an article slaying a dozen of inner city actors and didn't spare you his whip. Just by going through it, tears trickled down my face, messing my make up. There's a shot of you outside Tanya's home stone drunk.Then of Charmaine kissing Desiree's ex. What's his name again?'


'Yes, Mark. And you and Desiree have got something going on right now, hey?'


'Right. Bill's with Tanya for now, hey?'


'That makes Mark a thief or Tanya a nymphomaniac in some way or another. Maybe that's according to my analogy. I may be wrong. I'm sorry if that hurts but, I had to let you know about the love angles including you, which may be detrimental to your career at large. At large; means not only your but, your friends included.'

Desiree hands him a glass of bubbly.

'Thank you!'

'Dont' cut me off, Carlos. This isn't the end of the story just yet.'

'Not yet, Alice. I was receiving a glass of bubbly from my beloved, soon to be wedded, angel of mine, Desiree. She deserves a crown because she sticks with me through thick and thin.'

'The thought of firing Bower had crossed my mind until I gave his way of doing things a thought. He has never disappointed me for some time. He is only human and will surely get over the thinking of pursuing people I haven't asked him to. He having had wasted his own resources I believe, is punishment enough.'

'We know him that way.'

'His crap creeped in an hour after our end of the year office party. I'm way too tired for his **s. I read the article in patches but, it surely reads like a movie script to those not in the know. Had I not been here, maybe one of my cleaners could've had a fun day of her life reading it.'

'You're an editor Alice. You decide what's wright or wrong for your press. If  I'm to be a front page canditate so be it. For now all I need to hear are seductive whispers of my sidekick.And not forgetting the sweet taste of her lips.She too seems worn out by too much limelight that she somewhat feel safe under my wing.'

'Don't worry yourself to death. Remember; you're now part of us. Those haters who are used to seeing you front page for all the wrong reason will see more of you for all wright reasons. Be sure that this year will be the best ever for you.'

'Before you go, kindly send me a copy of Bower's mad article.

He bursts into a fete of laughter.

Desiree laughs too.

So does Alice.


Here we go again, Sunday Press editor, Miss Alice McNott thoughtfully says.

Irritated by an article she has just received through an e-mail, she angrily punches numbers on her office phone.

'Just what I was hoping for,' Bower says by the other end of the line. How may I help you Miss McNott?'

'Call me Alice,' she replies. Everybody has gone home to their respective families, relatives and friend. There you're in a suburb alone. What's it that you would like me to do with this article?'

'I would like you to publish that earnestly.'



'How could you bring your stature as a good reporter down to this effect?'

'I don't understand ma'am. Kindly elaborate.'

'Your article is in very bad taste. Don't you know that those people are going to work for us in due course?'

'I know but the truth shall set each and everyone of us at Sunday Press free. You always taught us the truth.'

'Not controversy!'

'I sent that copy for you to publish in next Sunday's edition. Maybe City Times could benefit from it too.'

'I've asked my assistants not to touch it. I didn't hand any of you a task or project since we're on holidays. You're single and could do with some girl. We've made peace with actors for this year at least. Only those
who disrespects will get to feel my wrath. It's not wise to further destroy a person who is trying his best to change his life. That, I mean Tanya, got kicked out of two soapies in one season. Think about what tailing her may do to her career.'

'I know but, a little bit of exposure wont do any of them harm. It would however, raise their soapies' rates.'

'I hear your line of argument but, don't you think that's a bit unprofessional?'

'Unprofessional, me unprofessional?'

'I'm talking to you. Do you know what does unprofessional mean?'

'Yes. The opposite of professional.'

'Don't answer me like you would a girl from the bundus. I'm your boss dammit!'

'Unprofessional is doing things out of anger instead of logical reasoning.'


'Is that a signal or the end of my research efforts?'

'Are you short of festive conquests?'


'We're all popping champagnes all over the place. There you're by yourself thinking about ways to make a quick buck. You've made no research. You were present during that meeting with the actors. Why then should you turn around and try that you'd get the go ahead to tarnish their good names?'

'I can feel your anger within these wires. I'm getting sunburnt in this corner that I'm sitting in. The truth is, I don't trust city girls for now. I'm alone at this uptown eatery. My work has been done through wi-fi. I paid a fortune to them to get the article off the ground. I know that you'll give me more projects to do. To answer your earlier question; I'm indeed in need of some cash injection.'

'Enjoy your holidays. If something comes up besides actors misbehaving, call me.'

'I will ma'am.'

Monday, April 7, 2014

open relationship

'This whole love scenes rhetoric is somewhat twisted,' Bill tells Charmaine. You lie next to a fellow actor, feel her warmth but, you're sure as hell itself that all you'll get out of it is a kiss and a hug.'

'You're a prime-time actor,' she replies.Not some adult film gigolo. Families musn't supposed to be subjected to the things you hold dear because besides children being around, not all of us are addicted to your shit.'

'I know but, there was a time in life when I considered being a male prostitute. I flung the moral book straight out of my bedroom window. I thought to myself, here I'm being good to anybody else I get to cross my path with but, no one really cares how I'm doing. Nobody!'


'Yes. I had an apartment in town and was running out of money to pay the rent but, nothing I told my landlord made sense to him. I fought with him till one freakish evening when a married woman tripped and fell face down on my hands. She was heading to our table. I was too drunk but, I just was able to catch her.
I was with two hookers drinking the night away. She gave me her car keys and one thing turned into another. I couldn't believe how lucky I was as we entered her house. Unluckily, her husband found out through people who are supposed to be minding their own business and we had to end it. But she supported me like I was her kid, paid my rent for six months 'til I came accross Tanya. I wanted any job in the world and became her chauffeur then her boyfriend.'

'I wont fool around with you anytime soon. I can't understand how one person can have such luck.'

'If I wanted to have you, I could've a long time ago. I just want us to have fun. As they always say; no strings attached.'

'That was just a kiss. Don't mistaken it for love. I want to tell Tanya about the open relationship plan I have in mind. Most couples do it. Spending the rest of one's life with one woman wont do it for me.'