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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joanne looked sir Jeffrey Wilson of Sir Wilson Incorporated in the face and smiled. He pulled his face sideways.

She asked herself how he got the title sir in the first place. How could a publisher of adult books got called sir. It was the question for the next day. He was no actor for crying out loud. Just a publisher of adult entertainment.

‘stolen cookies taste sweeter or aren’t they sir Wilson?’ she asked him.

He replied; ‘that’s if they’re owned by another men. Is it possible that we could do it again?’

‘Of course dear. With me I said before, anything is possible. Do you suspect that I’m hiding a lover in the closet?’

‘no, I think not. He would have died of jealousy the first thing we entered that bedroom.’

She naughtily pulled him by the hand to the bedroom one more time.

They made love he whole night long. All that was possible wit her girlfriend entertaining her personal assistant at the office. He spent the whole week on her arms but lost no business deal. It just shows that being successful is a wonderful thing because lovemaking never gets neglected.


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