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Friday, May 2, 2014

colours of the rainbow

'Who was it?' Desiree asks Carlos moving her palm on his chest.

'Alice,' he replies.

'What did she say?'

'She said Bower wants to mess up our already tithering lives. He sent an article and supporting photos of Charmaine pecking Mark, of her then giving Bill an open-mouth kiss. In the evening just after he had done scene-shootings for a day, at a parking lot.'

'What else did she tell you?'

'She advised me to stop calling her Miss Mcnott but, Alice.'

'That's out of the question. That's not a point I'm looking for. Calling her whatever name she thinks is appropriate doesn't stop her from reconsidering the article in question and publish it whenever she has run out of more scandalous stories to publish about we public figures. I've got a good mind of hitting the road to her office right now.'

'That would be unwise. I think you're a little bit harsh. You're yet to hear the rest of what I've to say. Now listen; from what she told me, there'll be no need for us to fear anything.'

'We've just become an item. Anything negative may wholly bring us to our knees. We've a baby on the way, a house and cars to pay off. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into by believing her every word.'

'Bower is nothing. Remember the meeting we just had at Sunday Press's office?'


'We've teamed up with them. I believe it wasn't just about eating with them. The projects they're planning to use us on are real organisation names. You could go online if you're doubtful.'

'I've done so the very day that I've left their office. It's just that those people change colours. A rainbow is better because a couple of seconds or minutes after the rain it appears, disappears only to appear at some area after rainfall, then disappear again.'

'We're the colours of the rainbow. You needn't fear them gray scales.'

'You call them that?'

'Yes. They tend to make us darker in deeds as if they themselves don't have anything to hide. Let's trust Alice on this one.'

Yes, let's try.'


learn from us

'Does running away from the infatuated not tire you?' Tanya asks Mark.

'I'm new to this field,' he replies. Therefore any fan coming my way doesn't scare me. The other thing is; they're human just like me.'

'Of course, we're.'

'Even when I feel tired, I still try to make some time to talk to them. After all, we're who we're because of them.'

'You're on point today, hey?'

'Maybe I've talking rubbish during the holidays but, they were well-spent. With you around nothing can depress me. You're a soothing kind of a fellow who deserves praise every day of her life. Getting paid by cheques, though different from being paid through commission, annoys me.'

'What else annoys you?'


'That should be fun. You're boring when it comes to that. You must improve. Do you know Bower?'

'Talk about the devil!'

'Do you hate him?'

'Yes. People of his kind deserves to be hated at any given chance. How many lives has he destroyed? How many more he is still keen to destroy?'

'I'm not sure about the statistics but, many many more. So long as he doesn't find himself another job which he'll be in the public eye but, with less beings to rubbish in order for him to get paid.I love travelling and I'm puzzled that you let a former travel writer determine your likes and dislikes. I don't know you as an indoor person. People who tour are full of verve. They meet a lot of interesting people and learn how to live life better from them.'

'I get recognised everywhere. Maybe it has to do with my part time sales job. On set, I hate it when I have to re-do a scene. Don't these producers know that we've a life apart from the impersonations that we get paid for?'

'They know. It's just that we do things non verbally much better than a person on the street would.'

'Then do we really have to endure periods of frustrations? Not knowing where we'd get our next meal from because there isn't enough money in their coffers to fund their next project?'

'It's your problem that you're love serials. I go to soapy auditions only. They're now used to me. I could be number one hundred on the queue, they'll call my name.Getting hot under the caller will only make you poor, Mark. Learn from us.'

'I don't want to sound sexist but, the truth is; city life is more kind to women than it is to us men.'

'You sound like Bill. Before he pops up from nowhere like he's Jack in the Box, leave.'

'The next episode will be our last. Where would I get money to pay the rent from?'

Tanya shrugs.