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Monday, April 7, 2014

open relationship

'This whole love scenes rhetoric is somewhat twisted,' Bill tells Charmaine. You lie next to a fellow actor, feel her warmth but, you're sure as hell itself that all you'll get out of it is a kiss and a hug.'

'You're a prime-time actor,' she replies.Not some adult film gigolo. Families musn't supposed to be subjected to the things you hold dear because besides children being around, not all of us are addicted to your shit.'

'I know but, there was a time in life when I considered being a male prostitute. I flung the moral book straight out of my bedroom window. I thought to myself, here I'm being good to anybody else I get to cross my path with but, no one really cares how I'm doing. Nobody!'


'Yes. I had an apartment in town and was running out of money to pay the rent but, nothing I told my landlord made sense to him. I fought with him till one freakish evening when a married woman tripped and fell face down on my hands. She was heading to our table. I was too drunk but, I just was able to catch her.
I was with two hookers drinking the night away. She gave me her car keys and one thing turned into another. I couldn't believe how lucky I was as we entered her house. Unluckily, her husband found out through people who are supposed to be minding their own business and we had to end it. But she supported me like I was her kid, paid my rent for six months 'til I came accross Tanya. I wanted any job in the world and became her chauffeur then her boyfriend.'

'I wont fool around with you anytime soon. I can't understand how one person can have such luck.'

'If I wanted to have you, I could've a long time ago. I just want us to have fun. As they always say; no strings attached.'

'That was just a kiss. Don't mistaken it for love. I want to tell Tanya about the open relationship plan I have in mind. Most couples do it. Spending the rest of one's life with one woman wont do it for me.'

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