Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Belle was a fine, older woman. she had it all;a well paying job, a nice car, an upmarket house, nice clothes and jewellery, almost anything. The only thing that was missing when she got to her house was; you got it right! a man. a lack of a man knocked down her confidence. her only confidantes were her colleaguses who she began to suspect.

she would hurt every time they went out with their mates. they telling her about it, about them, was thought to be nothing but bragging.

She had dated men before. Men of all races and classes or at least she wanted her friends and the neighbourhood to believe.She no longer wore nice, shiny, engagement ring that she wore the first week she worked at KMPG, auditors firm. she had regular sex with strangers anywhere for over five months after she broke up with Tim.

She was still in love with him. she is the one who broke his heart by dumping him in front of her ex-girlfriends. she now missed him and cried herself to sleep. The only thing that she held tight on her chest at night was a warm, big, browm, teddy bear that he bought her and gave her as a birthday surprise. She got herself a helper because she could not do errands regularly. Her helper's name was Ralph. An early twenties young man straight out of high school.

Belle bought her everything a young man needed to get attracted to, and accept the attention given to him by the opposite sex.

Belle heared through her girlfriends that Ralph did school and college girls in the Mercedes she bought him. She tested him by secretly organising a candlelit supper for both of them. She tried to seduce him. He cried fatigue. It had been sometime since they made love. She went to his car and ransacked it. All that happened when he thought she had gone to the bathroom or the kitchen. He heared people screaming outside. It was his Mercedes on fire.

Minutes later the fire brigade team came and extinguished the flames.

"I did it," Belle told the police and whoever cared. "I want him no more. He betrayed me.

She fainted on the arms of aN emergency medical team man.

Ralph packed his stuff and leaved by the back door, jumped the wall into the back street and walked home devastated.

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