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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pearl and her theatre script

he always suspected that his fiance was cheating on him. he did not care. he never asked her about it. he never moaned. when he came back home from a two-week trip from work, he sat on his sofa facing the tv and watched comedy. he had a collection of comedies and comic books to keep stress at bay. he would draw people, cartoons and situations. he caught the tv executive exiting his neighbourhood on countless occassions. he had heared his ex-classmates telling him a story about a tv celebrity who came and had fun inside a man who is always away. they did not want to clarify when he asked for an explanation. they only told him to relax because it was not him.

he asked his boss to excuse him for two weeks because he wanted to catch criminals who break inside his house whilst at work. his boss understood but told him that he was going to lose a lot on bonuses come the festive season. he saw his house candle-lit whilst relaxing with his friends one fateful night and decided to go check what was going on.

reddy found a celebrity car he had seen just a week before parked under his peach tree. he slowly opened the gate, slowly opened his lounge door, tip-toed to his bedroom and saw a figure getting out of bed speedily and buttoned its shirt.

'who are you ?' reddy asked in the dark.

pearl lit the bedroom and replied; 'it's not what you think it is. forgive me.'

reddy wrestled the celebrity on the floor.

he hit reddy on the foot with a bedside lamp.

reddy's friends rushed him to the nearest clinic. he then laid a charge against the tv executive-cum celebrity. the whole thing became a front page news. pearl and reddy's housekeeper professed to have seen it coming. pearl expelled her.

reddy moved out of the house and filed for divorce.

pearl had been eyeing steven for some time. they had met at a theatre play; pinocchio. she was wearing a perfume and a shortk skirt that turned heads. steven wrote her an autograph with his cell-numbers on it. she was now a little bit famous because of steven's court appearance. she lied that she was the one who dumped reddy but professed that both steven and reddy have wives she knew. she dumped steven just after she passed her theatre script test. she then fell in love with paul who was a theatre actor for years and a theatre owner.

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