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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh that feels good


After straightening her face, she replied him; ‘I’m not, darling. With I, you could say whatever you would like to say and ask whatever. I take no offence on people that I love.’

‘What are you wearing underneath?’ he asked her with a straight face.

‘ha, ha, ha!’ she cackled. ‘That’s funny. ‘Ha, ha,ha!’

he looked around embarrassed to look if no one responded to his misdemeanor with laughter.

‘no one is listening to us,’ she continued. ‘you must have had it tough while growing up. You’re not that foolish. You’re exciting. Very few men have the guts to ask such questions. I’m wearing a g-string. Where you looking at my bottom to observe panty lines?’

‘god damn!’ he exclaimed. ‘you got style. With you, we could do it anywhere. I’m horny. Already.’

‘Really?’ she replied. ‘I’m not wearing anything. We could bribe mall securities and do it in the toilets.’

‘let’s go.’

‘I’ve got an apartment, sweetheart. Have you ever fell in love?’

‘this is embarrassing but to be frank, no. I think that you could teach me. I’m horny and it’s something not to joke about.’

‘let’s go home and I’ll gladly teach you how to make love.’

They arrived at home.

‘please,’ she asked him. ‘stay with me tonight. You would never regret it. I’m tired of dildos.’

He got inside carrying him with his strong arms to her bed. He never knew where her bedroom was, find it, he did. It was good karma.


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