Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh that feels good

They walked hand in hand in the mall. Cool breeze blew his friend’s hair-strands. She kept removing it off her face using her fingers.

‘I’m hungry,’ Jeffrey told Joanne. ‘which restaurant is your favourite?’

‘There are plenty of eateries in this mall,’ replied Joanne. ‘let’s go to Freddy’s coffee bar. We could eat lunch while we seat cosy and listening to nice music.’

Jeffrey said no word. He smiled and nodded in agreement. He gently moved his hand on her shoulders—massaging her in the process.

‘Oh,’ she responded to Jeffrey’s verbal care. ‘That feels good. ‘I’ve never been massaged in a very long time. Your arms are strong, mild and gentle. Right there, there……..ooh, this feels like heaven. Thanks goodness the place is not full as usual.’

‘keep your money,’he said. ‘I’ll pay for the meals.’

She glowed.

‘I’ve heared that you’ve been alone for years,’ he continued as they sat down together on chairs facing each other.

‘yes,’ she replied. ‘you could say that I’ve been unlucky in love. I hope that your coming into my life would change all of that.’

‘no wonder my arms feels good touching you. I had overgrown our relationship. We were always fighting. Actually, she fought me now and then over nothing at all. I guess those were the earlier signs that our love would never last.’

She cried.

‘are you bisexual?’ he continued.

She burst into laughter.


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