Wednesday, November 6, 2013

all the way

When they voluntarily go outside, almost everyone has got their eyes locked on them--expecting them to slug it out.

'Girl,' says Tanya. I thought you were a nun. What's up with your hands all over my hubby to be?'

'I didn't poach him,' Desiree replies. He found me queueing outside and decided right there on the spot, that he would like to accompany me. This means he cancelled my Be eF eFs date to spend some time with me. I never knew you were around town, therefore, I thought borrowing him from the gods for a sec couldn't be such a bad idea.'

'Not such a bad idea?'

'Yes. Your friends are mine and mine are yours. I'm the one who always remind you about keeping boundaries. Have you already forgotten where you and I are coming from?'

'No.You see,as you're very close friend I thought since you knew he was mine, you'd give me a courtesy call and tell me your man is right here beside me.'

'I'm sorry.'

' I love Carlos and you know that.'

'I've been observing your lover for a while. One thing I've noticed is that he isn't in it for the love of you or any of us for that matter but, for what our glitzy industry could offer him. Do you think I'm bluffing?'


'Just look at how many gigs he got for himself the past couple of months while we got only two each. It seems he capitalises on the fact that, he's a drama student and people aren't clued up on whether he's for real or is just acting things out.'

'If is that so, publications would be all over us this week. Tomorrow is a Sunday. Expect our mini cinema drama on first pages.'

Desiree fishes her cellphone out of her denim pocket and says; ' We're thirty minutes behind the movie schedule. Let's go in.'

They swiftly walk in and seat side by side next to their dates. There's neither kissing nor touching because they are just as confused as their dates.

The movie ends. Everyone still does not know what to do.

Bill tells Carlos  he is nothing but his girlfriends chauffeur, who runs straight to her vehicle and locks herself in when she anticipatingly watch them chatting. She is pensive and expects them to exchange blows but none of that is happening as they go their separate ways. Her girlfriend forever is hiding somewhere within the vicininty.

She and her date finally arrive at home. A call flashes accross her cellphone screen. It is he Be eF eF.

'Hello?' she answers.

'Am I interrupting something over there?'

'Yes. Bill wants to have a time of his life or isn't it, love?'


Carlos is disgusted and ignores any incoming call, any Blackberry Messenger message on his cellphone's inbox. He had followed what he now calls his ex in thought, all the way to her house in a metered taxi. Painfully observed when a chauffeur looked more like Tanya's one night stand. They were all over each other like a bad rash. He shed a tear and a half, called her name out, got ignored.

Unimpressed, he called a Sunday newspaper and asked her to make his misfortune a front page sensation. He could not stomach the fact that, a seemingly, not so glamourous dude, had stolen his guiding light right under his nose under false pretence and, will most likely, lie next to her, on a bed he got accustomed to.

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