Monday, November 18, 2013


ALL THE WAY 3                                                                                                       WHAT?

'Why haven't you been answering your phone?' Desiree asks a bemused Carlos.

'I saw a blue light brigade,' he replies. And thought to myself, what's the easiest way in this town to avoid being, robbed, kicked or at worst, mistaken for thug and shot at.'

'What a nasty way to avoid a straight forward question.'

She pushes him to the side and casually slumps her tired self on his couch. Fix her eyes on a blank tv-screen.

Having sold his soul to the Sunday Press, he had no more good life stories to tell about their life together. Like he lied to her at the cinema. He knew if he opened his mouth anytime soon, worms would spill out from his mouth like it was a can.Like the saying. He was right. People in the media bear grudges. They want almost every situation to go their way. He flips the curtain, smiles at the expensive car neatly parked on his driveway. His outside-door lights, streetlights, passing vehicles lights, beams on its immaculate frame.

She desperately wants him to say something but, he keeps his eyes glued on the malt beer bottle he is sipping on.

Irate, she hops off his couch, heads his way. Slaps him hard on one side of his cheek. The beer bottle drops violently and thuds on the hard surface. He touches, it painfully while watching her helping herself out of his lounge's door.

He goes to the fridge, opens it, fishes out another beer bottle, same ingredients, same alcohol volume and slumps his frustrated self on a couch. Flips the curtains again, there she is idly sitting on her vehicle's seat, measuring the steering wheel.

At least she isn't drinking and driving, he thoughtfully says.

Animated, he courageously walks towards her, knocks on her car's side of the window.

She opens the windows and yawn.

'Look,' he says.'I didn't mean to two time you. We both know Tanya wont like this.'

She cackles.

'Who will tell her?' she continues.

'These streets have eyes. Walls have ears.'

'You look worried today.'

'I thought I'd sleep alone tonight.'

'Me too.'



'If I had to be charged for committing a crime. It'd be for stealing your heart.'

'Tanya is doing Bill as we speak.'


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