Monday, November 18, 2013

sullen looks

 ALL THE WAY 2                                                                                      SULLEN LOOKS

A car screeches before Tanya's doorstep. She is frothing at the mouth--especially after what happened to hers and her date at the epic romance movie premiere. The other thing on her mind are hyena tail burning thugs who may pick you up asleep as the tail's smell lulls into a deep sleep, not forgetting the drunk drivers who hit community walls at high speed.

Desiree hops off her vehicle and quips;' Do you know why I love you so much?'

Tanya barely believes the figurine before her is this dude whom she has been friend of almost a quarter of her life.

'No!' she replies.

'I was busy making new bookings for four for upcoming weekend. Then, boom! Like magic, I see Carlos idling alone on the parking lot. Like a caring mother, I wonder where parents of this beautiful, lost boy are. I think about snapping my finger and calling him to my car.'

'You're a thug and a liar. I shouldn't have listened to any word you said. As we speak now, I know there are no movie tickets, no bookings, nothing. If you want him, you could have him. If he was honest with me, he could've waited for us to go fetch him at his doorstep.'

'No stress on my part. You have plenty to worry about. Especially when I heared Bill happily moaning over your handset.'

'It's on, babes?'


'Men war. I'm sharpening my claws. Any man you get, I'll lure him to my bed. I wont give a damn about his past. It's on!'

'What on earth have you become?'

'A nun.'

Irritated, Desiree hops back on her car's seat and slams the door shut. Her actions startles onlookers and passersby. Arrives at Carlos's house who, judging by his sullen looks, is not expecting her there.

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