Tuesday, November 19, 2013


ALL THE WAY 4                                                                                                      SUCKER

Sucker! Tanya speaks loudly to startle Bill.

'What?' he replies.

'Okay. I Finally got you to talk. Desiree thinks she's clever than any of us. Did you see that pink cab that tailed us from the theatre to home?'


'I think It was her and Carlos.'

'It wasn't she but, he.'

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'I'm tired of sleeping alone.'

'You gave my enemy an upper hand. She now has him wrapped between her wolfy fingers. Not so long ago, she stole my beloved target Mark. Lied to him she was pregnant in order to keep me at bay. Her plan failed as he got a bursary to go study overseas. To this day, I don't know which lucky charm she's using to keep men reaching out to her. Whoever is helping her, she's paying him or her quiet well.'


'Stop joking. This is very serious. We then challenged each other to lay our hands on an award winning travel writer and she almost won. If I hadn't followed my instincts, he will be eating off her palms right now. The dude is now angry with us and make sure scribes write rubbish about us every week. Only If I hadn't caught her quickly pulling her top back to her waist, her two centrimetres dress back to its measured length.'

'Weren't they doing four play?'

'No. Nothing happened. You should have seen their glistening eyes. They sparkled like Northern stars tailed by holy sheperds to go shower the family of you know who with presents. The roar of my engine only meant I was going to a convenience store to buy ourselves some more beers.'

'Why didn't you let them be human?'

'I had forgot my lighter, dammit!'

'I doubt that.'

'This is my house and I do whatever I want to, anytime I want to. That's why it was easy for I last night to leave the upstart at a cinema's parking lot and gave you cake. Bower has been investigated for plagiarism by the media fraternity but, nothing happened. He has since been hired by Daily Times, Sunday Press's daily sister to run a weekly column. I haven't read something fresh out of it, only reviews from other peoples work but, as always, the world reckon he's the best thing since sliced bread.'

'One lucky bastard!'

'I miss Carlos Hernandez.'

'I'm here. Don't beef up now.'

'You're here but like the O'Jays song, your mind is on the other side of town.'

'I get the picture and I'll respond to it in due course.'

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